Meet the TradeLab Team

Small but powerful, our aim is to bring you an inspiring and deeply personalized experience. We do our best to be hands on with our customers, and invite you to join us on Discord so we can get to know one another better.

Myles Kampf – Trade Strategist

Jake Clark – Developer

Our Story

Developed by the team of two at Alchemist Technologies, this is the second product from the company since 2018.

Combining market analytics and trading experience with a long history of productivity tool development, TradeLab was imagined as a platform where anyone could make complex trading behaviors without learning how to code.

It was important to us that there was a tool that sat in the middle of the growing number of indicators, and brought them all together. Many other solutions forced users to invest in particular strategy, or farming pool. Instead by empowering people to build their own strategies like the pros do, a higher level of education and forward progress is possible as a community.


Jake has over 15 years of experience developing a variety of software including games, mobile apps, medical software, point of sale systems, VR, and more. Specializing in tools that use AI and guided logic systems to allow anyone to create complex behaviors, automation has been a cornerstone in many past projects.

Strategy Design

After following and trading crypto and other markets for nearly ten years, Myles had taken lessons several high profile retail indicators, reverse engineering them and monitoring the affects of each during different market climates. This expertise is found within the strategies provided with TradeLab by default.

Discord Community

Special shout out to our friends in Discord who help us and each other. We couldn’t do it without you. Testing, technical support, trading support and ideas, strategy help and more. Thanks for being awesome.

Work Experience

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