Detailed 3Commas Comparison

We take a detailed look at what makes 3Commas so popular and compare these features with TradeLab.

Automated trading systems, also known as “bots,” trade everything from traditional stocks to cryptocurrencies. When it comes to crypto trading especially, bots are fast becoming the preferred way to monitor markets and hunt for entry and exit points, freeing up traders to focus on research and strategy development. 

Arguably the most well known of these trading bots in the cryptocurrency market today is 3commas,  which provides a great platform for grid trading.

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3Commas Features Compared

Let’s look at what makes 3Commas so popular and compare these features with TradeLab.

3Commas is a web service that has been designed to allow easy management of a cryptocurrency portfolio. Users of 3Commas have the option of automating their trading activity using four basic bots whilst also taking advantage of a feature rich portfolio tracker and smart trading tool.

TradeLab is a more potent automation trading tool. The key difference is allowing users to combine trading signals from many channels, such as TradingView, Tuned, TradingSpider, Crypto Alerting, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, among others. 

Just like on 3Commas, you can make your own complex trading bots without coding. Now, not only can you create the approach you desire using the free trading view bot builder, you can continue to adjust and tweak any strategy with fine control. No coding knowledge is necessary… and, you are able to start without cost.

The main differences between TradeLab and 3Commas will be highlighted in this article.

Price and Plans

TradeLab has a free plan. The only requirement is that you sign up for an exchange using their referral code. Signing up does not cost you anything.

TradeLab offers two different plans for traders, each with its own unique features and benefits. The Pro Plan is an unlimited option perfect for professional traders who want to take their trading to the next level.

3Commas offers a free version that is fully functional, but capped at 1 bot.  Beyond this it has three programs. Basic ($14.50), advanced ($22.50), and pro ($49.50). Users will have access to a variety of features and benefits depending on the subscription level. Users who want to follow other traders may need to pay an additional cost. These are set by traders on the platform and this cost can range up to $150 or more per month. 

Strategy Builder 

With TradeLab, you can build your own strategy using our built-in builder. TradeLab is backed by a powerful and intuitive rule engine, so nearly anything is possible. Seriously.

With TradeLab, you have the freedom to create the strategy that works best for you. And because our rule engine is so powerful, you can really let your imagination run wild. So go ahead and build the bot of your dreams – TradeLab makes it possible.

3commas is designed to leverage their primary bots, where a user can set specific levels for DCA and Grid trading. This means the ‘builder’ tools are largely limited to the pre-defined strategies.

Trade Signals Alert

TradeLab If you’re an active trader, you know that having the right information is critical to making the best decisions possible. That’s why we’ve built an alerts system that allows you to plug in to popular services like TradingView, Tuned, Discord and almost any webhook provider.

With our system, you can combine and layer data together to create the most informed decisions possible and because we know that time is of the essence, our system is designed to be fast and easy to use.

So whether you’re looking for the latest information on a specific coin or trying to get a heads up on market conditions, the TradeLab alerts system has you covered.

3Commas also has support for signals that make sense with their systems.  

Friendly to Newcomers

TradeLab offers a number of pre-made configurations that can be copied. Making it easy for newcomers to launch their first automated strategy. With a user-friendly interface and simple setup, TradeLab is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get into the world of automated trading. Many prebuilt community templates available to be copied are supported with video guides.

3Commas provides tutorials on setting up bots depending on the features you will use. This allows users to automate their trading strategies and take advantage of market conditions   


TradeLab provides an education page where users can learn about trading. The website offers a variety of resources that users can use to learn about trading, including articles, numerous trading videos, and tutorials. 

The website also offers a Discord community where users can discuss trading and ask questions with the community.

3Commas has a limited educational page where newcomers can learn about trading. Whilst they have an ‘Academy’ that – at the time of writing – is coming soon this looks to be currently limited to 3 videos.  

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