Detailed WunderTrading Comparison

When it comes to algo trading cryptocurrencies, TradeLab and WunderTrading are among the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking platforms available. We explore what makes them different.

Automated trading software, or “bots,” connect to an exchange (often via an API interface) and execute trades on the user’s behalf. Services like WunderTrading are successful because they allow users to automate trading actions based on several indicators and additional logic. 

In theory, trading should be a better fit for a robot than a human, given that it relies heavily on mathematical analysis and complicated probability calculations. If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll really enjoy how most of the sophisticated bots can be programmed to follow your own trading strategy.

Even traditional markets use complicated algorithms and bots, which are out of the reach of the average person due to their high price and technical difficulty. However, in this article, we will talk about these two amazing platforms that will help you take your trading to the next level. 

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What is WunderTrading?

Previously known as Wunderbit Trading, this tool is a free trading platform that comes loaded with a broad range of really helpful features. WunderTrading now provides access to a large number of well-known exchanges and will continue to do so in the near future. 

The user interface is simple, clean, and uncomplicated easy use. With an in-house regulated cryptocurrency exchange, trading is not only possible but also completely transparent.

The Journal page on WunderTrading provides users with the opportunity to study everything related to cryptocurrencies and crypto trading, including the latest news, blogs, and market updates.

What is TradeLab?

TradeLab is a trading automation platform that enables users to develop complex trading bots without the need for coding.

One of TradeLabs strengths is the ability to combine signals from any or all of these channels; TradingView, Tuned, TradingSpider, Crypto Alerting, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

When you use the free edition of TradingView’s bot builder, you may use TradeLab’s bot builder to develop a trading strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements. TradeLab may be used immediately without the need for any prior coding skills on your part.

Users of TradeLab have access to YouTube channel where they may get knowledge on trading. Users of the website have access to a range of educational materials, such as articles, a large number of trade videos, and tutorials, all of which may be used to learn about trading.

The platform has a community on Discord, where users may talk about trade and ask questions of other members of the community.



Wunderbit is available both for desktop and mobile devices.


TradeLab is available on the browser, and the mobile app is currently under development.

Pricing & Plans

Here’s a breakdown of the available pricing tiers, however, to understand the value offered it is crucial to understand the different limitations attached to each plan:

Tier 1FreeFree (14 Days)
Tier 2$19.95$49.00
Tier 3$39.95
Tier 4$89.95
IMPORTANT: You need to compare the features available for each of these tiers to access value

Strategy Builder


WunderTrading gives traders access to a broad variety of tools to assist them with trading execution, strategy management, risk management, and money management respectively. 

You will be able to improve your trading success by using the assistance of the smart trading terminal, which will allow you to set the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels simultaneously on any coin, alter them while you are in the position, and change them as needed.


A bot’s performance is only as good as the approach it uses. You have complete control over any strategy while using TradeLab. You are even able create your own strategy with the help of TradeLab’s built-in builder. 

Since it’s powered by a sophisticated and user-friendly rule engine, almost everything is feasible and very much possible.

What’s more?

Well, you are free to execute as many Strategies as you want, on as many symbols as you like, and using as many different exchanges as you like – all at the same time! 

You may even run numerous strategies on the same symbol, and you can choose whether you want the other strategies to halt while one of the methods is in a transaction, or if you want the strategies to stack on top of each other with easy priortisation.


When it comes to algo trading cryptocurrencies, TradeLab and Wundertrading are among the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking platforms available. 

Wondertading comes with some enviable bots pre-prepared, which will make this platform more attractive to the novice user looking to begin trading via automations.

The strategy builder of TradeLab is hugely powerful however, and Wundertrading doesn’t offer anything that enables you to create a detailed custom strategy. This one key point is where TradeLab will have a competitive edge over Wundertrading in the eyes of traders looking to utilise advanced strategies.

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