Get Started with DaviddTech Indicators

This tutorial works with all DaviddTech strategies. Choose any one you would like and follow the same instructions. offers pre-made strategies to help customers setup strategies from the popular YouTube trading community DaviddTech trading alerts get started quickly.

You can find the sample DaviddTech strategy by logging into the portal and viewing the Community Strategies screen.

Because DaviddTech has some paid indicators and because its so customizable, its usually best to set up your own alerts.

The following are instructions on how to setup alerts for DaviddTech


In go to Alert Templates > Create New.

Press the Import button and paste this:

{"name":"DaviddTech Alert System","fields":[{"type":"string","description":"","value":"buy_signal","field":"type"},{"value":"ETHUSD","field":"symbol","type":"string","description":""},{"field":"take1","description":"","value":0,"type":"number"},{"field":"take2","type":"number","description":"","value":0},{"description":"","type":"number","value":0,"field":"take3"},{"field":"stop","type":"number","description":"","value":0}],"fieldNames":["type","symbol","take1","take2","take3","stop"],"lastAlert":"","description":""}

Hit save.

You should see fields listed at the bottom of the page.
Copy the Web Hook Url by clicking on the link box.
You will use this in the next step

TradingView Alert Setup

To setup a DaviddTech strategy first open TradingView and find the indicator you wish to use. In this example we will use the Ultimate Scalper

This tutorial works with all DaviddTech strategies. Choose any one you would like and follow the same instructions.

Once you have clicked on the indicator it will show up in the top left of the chart window. If you hover over it, you can select the gear / cog – to open settings.

Once the settings are open you will want to change all the different options Davidd gives you to your liking. The most important ones for setup are towards the bottom under a section called THE ALERTS.

You will want to copy the 4 boxes below and paste them into the inputs within the indicator settings as shown. Don’t check the Use Strategy Alerts box.

This tutorial works with all DaviddTech strategies. Choose any one you would like and follow the same instructions.

API Entry – Long:

{"type":"Ultimate Scalper Long","symbol":"{{ticker}}", "take1":"#LongTP#", "take2":"#LongTP1#", "take3":"#LongTP2#", "stop": "#LongSL#"}

API Exit – Long:

{"type":"Ultimate Scalper Long","symbol":"{{ticker}}"}

API Entry – Short:

 {"type":"Ultimate Scalper Short","symbol":"{{ticker}}", "take1":"#ShortTP#", "take2":"#ShortTP1#", "take3":"#ShortTP2#", "stop": "#ShortSL#"}

API Exit – Short:

{"type":"Ultimate Scalper Short","symbol":"{{ticker}}"}

Once you are finished setting up the Indicator settings, you can now create an alert to send to
To do this click on the Alerts panel and the create alert button

In the window that pops up do the following:
1. Select your indicator, in this case Ultimate Scalper
1a. In the second box select the Order fills and alert() function calls (default selection)
2. Check the Webhook URL box and paste in the URL you got from the Alert Template earlier.
3. Name your Alert something like Ultimate Scalper (This doesn’t have to match anything, you can name this whatever you like)
4. Clear out the message.
5. Hit Create

Strategy Setup

  1. Go back to TradeLab and click on Community Strategies in the left menu.

2. Find and copy the DavidTech Ultimate Scalper strategy from community strategies in TradeLab.

This tutorial works with all DaviddTech strategies. Use this same strategy for any of Davidd’s indicators. You can rename it to whatever you would like. This is a general template.

3. Once copied go back to My Strategies and edit the DaviddTech strat you just copied. Note the symbol, amount and leverage. You should change these to suit your needs.

Amount woks in tandem with Amount Type. If Percentage is selected and you enter 10, that means 10% of your available balance will be used. This also means that it will compound gains automatically. If you want to trade a flat amount each time you can select USD or Coin and enter a set amount.

4. Click on the Variables tab at the top of the Strategy Builder. There is only one setting you need to change. Its at the top: Take Amount. This is the amount in USD you wish to take away from the position each time a take profit line is hit.

4. Optional: duplicate the strategy for multiple symbols.

Go to the Strategy list, hit the three dot menu on the DaviddTech strategy and copy the strategy. Then hit edit. Change the name, and repeat steps 2 and 3. Don’t forget to add a new Alert in TradingView for that symbol.

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