The Power Within The Lab

TradeLab’s main goal is to allow users to make trades automatically based on the best alert information and strategies possible. We want you to have control over the trades you make, while giving you the power and access to data and strategies from the community. Bolstering your efforts.

Heres the way I like to explain how TradeLab is a bit different from most bots out there so far:

We all know there are plenty of different ways to get trade alerts today. Discord communities, websites like PremiumCyrptoAlerts and TrendBot. And then theres scripts you can buy and plugin to tradingview or tuned.

With a little know how, anyone could buy these and create a small system to hook them up to a trading platform/exchange to make trades whenever the alerts come in. But that’s if you are 100% confident in the alerts, because you are directly hooking up the alerts to the trade system. Theres no customization and if you have multiple alert systems for the same coin OR if you want to trade multiple currencies at a time – then things get messy.

There needs to be a system that can take in all the alert data from multiple streams (including creating its own alerts by looking at the charts and what it hears from the data coming in) and consolidates all of that data into a customizable strategy for the user.

Every user might want to trade differently…

Some like to be bulls, holding for a long time. But they dont want to be attached to their phones all day long making sure they dont miss the right time to exit.

Some like to swing trade and jump in and out, perhaps even play shorts when the time is right, over days and weeks.

Others like to day trade, making multiple trades a day, or even micro trading making dozens and dozens of small trades a day.

Every user is different, so TradeLab allows every user to build different strategies. These strategies can be optionally shared with the community, so if you are new and learning, you can pick someone else’s strategy.

The thing about TradeLab is: it’s just a middleman tool.

We do provide alerts free with the tool but what everything comes down to is: your trade bot is only ever as good as the data you feed it. And no matter how much you believe in chart indicators, nothing is ever perfect.

TrendBot even used to market with a slogan “Is it perfect? No. But is it better than you guessing? Yes”

The idea here, is that taking in more “imperfect data” and combing it, filtering with the help of automated intelligence and contextual logic – down to what data is important, right then. Instead of trading along with the trade community blindly, we take their suggestions, and suggestions from any other community you wish to be apart of, and then make OUR OWN decisions.

Because YOU should own your trading, even if you want to automate it.

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