Anyone Can Make Powerful Crypto Trading Bots Without Code

I’ve made a trading tool that helps make complex crypto trading bots with no code

TL;DR I’m inviting traders to try a new automated trading tool I developed for free while its in beta. lets users make their own crypto trading bots using a simple logic builder that requires no coding skill. Bring your own strategies, import your own trading signals, and trade on one of the several supported exchanges – or use a strategy shared by the community. For trading crypto derivatives via perpetual swaps.

Over the past 9 months I have developed a trading system which seeks to give users more control over the way they automate their trading strategies. Having followed the crypto space since 2012, I have recently seen quite a few services and tools geared towards digital currency exchanges that market themselves as trading bots. However several of these services seem to offer just a few “cookie-cutter” strategies, and while some bots offer more customization than others, the end result is a limited experience where you don’t always have control over exactly what the bot is doing. is a service whose goal is not to tell you how to trade, but instead allow you to dictate the automated behavior. It’s hard for me to ever say “you can make it exactly the way you want” – but I’ve been working very hard to make that as close to reality as possible. The level of customization seeks to rival that of scripting, and is designed to be as open ended as possible. Allowing for a wide variety of possibilities. The mission is to automatically trade the way YOU want, without compromises.

Using simple logic and a visual builder, traders can setup many different typical techniques such as:

  • dollar cost average (DCA)
  • trend scraping / rolling profits
  • scalping
  • swing trading
  • take & stop laddering
  • hedging

The power of the strategy builder lets you do things like:

  • dynamic take and stop lines
  • remember data from past bars
  • share data between bots
  • change behavior based on another symbol
  • set goals and change behavior when you reach them
  • custom notification sounds can tell you whats happening without looking

It’s said that the best traders always use rules. They make a set of rules, stick to them, and remove emotion out of the equation. seeks to help everyday traders perfect that technique by giving them the tools to not only set those rules themselves, but gather the data they want, the way they want. Every strategy is only as good as the data that it uses, which is why we allow you to send trade alerts to us from nearly any source. If the source can send the alert via a webhook, its easy to take data in any format (JSON preferred, but not mandatory). This goes well with sites like TradingView, Tuned, CryptoAlerting, and many others who send alerts this way. We also accept alerts via a discord bot which you can invite to your server and have it send alerts from a designated channel.

Many other automated trading platforms simply fire trades directly off of a single alert. If you buy a paid indicator, many times they offer some kind of automation option, however if you wanted to combine the data with another source, you can’t. My goal was to make a system that would allow me to use data from any source, and combine it all. Allowing the bot to continually listen for multiple alerts and have a robust reponse to market changes. This allows me to continually add more data, compare different measurements and perspectives and evolve my strategies without having to completely move from one signal source to another.

If you use Lux Algo or Market Cipher, we have pre-built strategies to help get you started.
We also offer a couple strategies built and tested in house to help users get started quickly.

The service does not take any fees – in fact it never actually comes in contact with your money. You don’t need to deposit or send any funds to us, instead you deposit into your exchange like normal and connect your exchange to the tool, so it can make trades for you.

Currently the service is in beta and it is free to use. I do intend to make a pro version for a monthly subscription, and eventually a lite version which will be free upon exchange referral sign-up. The service supports contract/derivative trading for crypto exchanges such as Bybit and Phemex. Trading contract pairs such as BTC/USDT with the option to trade with leverage, long or short. We have growing support for exchanges that use the CCXT framework.
And Spot trading is on its way. is still in development. I’ve been testing with a very small closed group until now to work out the kinks and it is now feature complete with respect to the basics of contract trading. Now I’m inviting more people to try it out so I can receive feedback to smooth and polish the remaining pieces and test the servers under load. Of course use of the tool is at one’s own risk. The tool does allow for connection to testnet markets. It’s recommended new users use their exchange’s testnet to test the bot’s behavior and make sure they’ve setup their strategy to their liking, before switching over to the livenet. Promoting a strategy from testnet to livenet is easy. This should allow for risk free testing of functionality (it is not meant to help test profitability).

There is still a lot to do on the future roadmap. Some highlights are:

  • Spot Trading
  • New Module system to make building easier
  • Complete strategy builder UX overhaul
  • Simple Strategy Builder (Wizard)
  • Private Strategy sharing + ways to monetize your strategies
  • Supporting more Exchanges
  • In platform marketplace for strategies and alerts

A short history about myself:
I’m Jake, I’ve been developing professionally for over 15 years. I’ve worked in various fields including:

  • point of sales systems, ATM machines, CRM systems
  • many mobile apps including Traxo and the Boy Scouts of America Popcorn sales app
  • medical software including Ziprad (OCR based radiology ordering system) and an AI tool for Baylor Medical Center’s oncology department
  • financial software used by dozens of banks and credit unions in the US.
  • enterprise level document analytics software used by companies like Taco Bueno, FedEx, Chilli’s, Dave & Busters, etc.
  • Unity and Unreal games, VR, and more.

I have a lot of passion for development, self taught and later college educated. Specifically I enjoy making tools that allow others to be more productive. Automation has been my focus for about 10 years. This is my second software product produced by my own company. The first being Stream Elixir, a (now sunset) automation app for Twitch streamers. I do currently work a day job writing financial software for banks. I have a small team of people who help test and moderate the community. Development is currently a one man show, and I hope as we grow to be able to bring on some help.

We have a discord you can find on our website where I can be reached with any questions.
Thanks for reading.

Check it out, Free! is available now, completely free to use during beta. No CC, no trials, just sign up and go. Connect your exchange, watch our intro video, and get started building your own trading bots today!

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