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Build it your way.

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Advanced Bot Builder for TradingView & More!

Build the strategy you want. No compromises.

No code skills required. Get started for free.

Powerful automation tools. Combine & compare trade signals from multiple sources, including TradingView, Twitter, Telegram, Discord channels & more. Supports multiple TPSL, advanced DCA and multiple confirmations collected over time.

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How It Works

1. Connect your exchange

Setup takes minutes, simply enter your API credentials provided by your exchange and get going.

No deposit required, no transfers. TradeLab does not hold or interact with your funds and/or wallet directly. We do not take a fee for placing orders. Regular exchange fees still apply.

2. Send us your signals

We’ll walk you through connecting your trade alerts to the rule engine. Data can be sent via a REST web-hook endpoint. This is compatible with TradingView, Tuned, Discord, Telegram, Twitter and many other systems. Open-ended support for data in any format. This will allow you to easily create strategies based off any data you send.

3. Build your Strategy

Create a set of rules which determine when to place and exit trades. These rules will run each time an alert is sent. Compare indicators, do math, remember data from past bars, increase or decrease positions to hedge, DCA, or take rolling profits. Optionally share what you built with the community.

4. Monitor Trades

Track alerts as they come in to see what the strategy’s rules are doing. See each event and action performed by the bots. Track strategy profit and easily promote strategies from “test-net” to live trading.

Trade all day. Your way.

Never miss another opportunity. With trade automation your bots can watch the market 24/7. Want to only trade during the day? Want to avoid the weekends?

We got you covered.

Supports Multiple Exchanges

Use the exchange of your choice, including Bybit, Phemex, Binance, Bitmart, FTX & over a dozen more. Trade using multiple exchanges at a time, swap between Live and Test-nets easily.

Advanced TPSL Line System

Create lines for Take Profits, Stop Losses, DCA, Grid Logic lines, and more. Supporting multiple TP, Trailing Stop/Profits & more. Our lines can be both on or off exchange orders – with support for on-exchange-but-off-book trigger orders.

Powerful Strategy Builder

A bot is only as good as it’s strategy.

With TradeLab the strategy is up to you.

Build your own using our built in builder. Backed by powerful and intuitive rule engine, nearly anything is possible. Seriously.

Track Strategies, Trades & Alerts

Multiple dashboards give you a play by play on each trade, allowing you to troubleshoot your bots, and learn from their performance.

View the bots every move through a detailed rule breakdown for each alert.

React with Intelligence

As market environments change, strategies can evolve proposed trades to take advantage or protect positions. Bots can remember data from past bars and make comparisons over time. Bots can also send messages between each other.

New to Trading?

Don’t worry. Get started quickly with pre-made examples, and strategies shared by the community. Easily follow other traders and trade along with profitable strategies, automatically.

Build what you thought wasn’t possible

Our Strategy Builder allows creative traders the ability to create custom logic using open ended tools.

We provide a built in education portal filled with videos and guides to help you get started.

Click through the slide show below to learn more!

The 4 Parts of the Strategy Builder


A built-in Alert Builder will help you create your alerts for any system. Generating the message for you.


Perform Multiple Confirmations by remembering what happened in past bars.


Place TPSL, DCA and Logic lines on the exchange. Move and modify du


Whenever you need to buy something that will go with whatever you are wearing that day.

Not Just Another Bot – A Place to Build & Share

Unlike some other trading bot services, isn’t a bot made on a particular pre-built strategy promising to make you money. This is a platform where YOU build the strategy & bot exactly the way you want.

  • Double Confirmation
  • DCA
  • Rolling Take Profits
  • Get Creative 
Double Confirmation

Listen for two different alerts.

When each is heard, set the related flag to “Ready”.

Then check both flags to see if they are ready.

If they are, enter a trade.


Increase our position as our position margin decreases.

When the price falls by 1.5% buy 5% of our Available Balance.

When its fallen a total of 3% buy another 4% of our Available Balance.

Keep doing this for a maximum of 7.5% and never buy less than 2%

Rolling Take Profits

Take profits on a custom rolling ladder.

Take 40% of the open position.

If the position goes to half of where it was – rebuy double the amount.

Get Creative 

Use data from unsuspecting places:

What about trading with the Moon Cycles?

How about monitoring Twitter for tweets from Elon Musk?

News scrapers, whale alerts, order book snipers.

Set up what you want – how you want!

Pricing Plans

Bitget Unlimited


Create your own Custom Logic with:
Unlimited Rules
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Bots
Unlimited Trades
Unlimited Test Exchanges
Bitget Connection Only
Free with 50k Monthly Volume
Including Leverage


Create your own Custom Logic with:
Unlimited Rules
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Bots
Unlimited Trades
Unlimited Test Exchanges
15 Live Exchange API Connections
5 Day Free Trial
Unlimited Annual


Create your own Custom Logic With:
Unlimited Rules
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Bots
Unlimited Trades
Unlimited Test Exchanges
15 Live Exchange API Connections
5 Day Free Trial & 20% Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TradeLab really free? What’s the catch?

It IS! Thanks to Bitget you can use TradeLab absolutely free. Just sign up with Bitget and connect your API!

Checkout Bitget here

Does TradeLab support Stocks, Futures, Forex or anything other than Cyrpto?

Not yet. Although TradeLab’s concept lends itself well to other forms of trading, the Beta version only supports crypto exchanges. We hope to support more forms of trading very soon.

What exchanges does TradeLab support?

During beta we are rapidly adding full support for more exchanges.

We have limited support for over two dozen exchanges that support the CCXT exchange protocol.

Full support will be added for each of these exchanges in order of user interest.

If you want to use an exchange that is listed for Limited Support, give it a try and please let us know so we can prioritize full support.

Exchanges with Full Support:

  1. Bitget
  2. Bybit
  3. Phemex
  4. KuCoin
  5. KuCoin Futures
  6. Binance
  8. Binance USD-M
  9. Binance Coin-M
  10. Coinbase
  11. BitMex
  12. WooX

Exchanges with Limited Support:

















Bitpanda Pro










BTC Markets

BTC Trade UA








Coinbase Prime

Coinbase Pro








Delta Exchange














Huobi Japan


Independent Reserve











Mercado Bitcoin

MEXC Global

















VCC Exchange





Xena Exchange






What type of trading does TradeLab support?

Crypto Spot trading

Crypto Derivatives / Contract Perpetual Swaps

To use TradeLab, what do I need? How do I get setup?

All you need to begin automated trading is an exchange account. If you don’t have one already, don’t worry, we will help you get one setup as you setup your TradeLab account.

It also helps to have a strategy in mind to use. A great place to browser, learn and experiment with strategies is TradingView. TradingView is also used to send Alerts to TradeLab. While TradingView is not required to use TradeLab, it is one of the most popular choices.

Keep in mind you can start by using a paper-trading test-net at many popular exchanges including Phemex and Bybit. This allows you to test your strategy and get familiar with the service before investing real resources.

Does TradeLab collect fees? Do I deposit funds into TradeLab?

No. Funds are deposited at your exchange. TradeLab is a middle-man tool that takes in your trade signals/alerts and connects to your exchange to automatically place orders. We never take any fees outside of a flat subscription cost. Make as many trades as you’d like. Exchange fees still apply.

I’m new to crypto trading. Can I use examples or copy how others trade?

Yes! Anyone who creates a strategy has the option to share what they created with the community. Shared strategies can be copied allowing you to view all the rules and how the strategy was built. A great way to learn and get started. Another option is to follow the strategy directly. Doing this requires very little setup and you’ll always get updates if the author makes any changes.

You can browse community strategies and transparently see how each strategy is performing, how many trades its made, what kind of profit ratio it has, and how much its earned for the community.

Is this a tool I can put my money into and it make me money automatically? Can I get rich?

Not exactly. This is a trading tool, mainly to be used by traders and those with trading experience. We’ve done our best to make it easy for anyone to pick up, and friendly for newcomers – but this is risky business. Trading is inherently risky and needs to be taken seriously.

Any strategy, techniques, technology, or shared information found on the platform is to be used at the users own risk. TradeLab, its parent company, and other users are not responsible for an individuals loss.

Is TradeLab available via mobile?

Not quite yet. The web app is available on all platforms including mobile via our website. We do have a mobile app in development which will be available early 2022.

TradeLab’s Webapp does support browser based notifications which are supported by most mobile devices allowing TradeLab to send notifications via our website much like the mobile app will.

Can I run multiple Strategies at once?

Absolutely. Run as many Strategies as you’d like, on as many symbols as you’d like, from multiple exchanges – all at once. You can even run multiple strategies on the same symbol and decide if you’d like the others to pause when one is in a trade, or if you’d like them to layer on top of eachother.

I have alerts I bought from somewhere but I don’t know what they look like or how to connect them to TradeLab. Are you sure they will work?

If your alert can be sent to a REST endpoint/webhook, it can easily plug into TradeLab. If your alerts come through a discord channel you can invite our discord bot to your server and configure it to send webhooks to TradeLab whenever a message is sent in that channel.

Other alerts sent via SMS or sent via Chrome/iOS notifications may not be immediately supported but there are multiple work arounds. If you have an interesting situation contact support and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

Is it possible to hedge, scrape, or make multiple position moves at once?

Yes it is. You can place multiple orders during a trade, and if an exchange supports it you can hedge against your derivative position.

I selected my exchange but it says it only has limited support?

During beta many exchanges may not work properly as we continue to test and better integrate with many different exchanges. If you are actively using an exchange that has limited support please contact us and we will prioritize support for that exchange.

Do you provide education?

As we expand we hope to provide more. Currently you can find the most support and mentorship on our discord

There is a Education Page within the portal where you can find a collection of helpful information such as articles, videos and more.

How can I help the project?

Currently we are looking for talented traders and diligent testers to help make sure TradeLab’s beta is as accurate and responsive as possible. To learn more on how you can help join us on discord

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